production scannersKofax software simplifies business-critical interactions. Kofax has Multi-channel capture capabilities, from production scanners, multi-function printers, desktop scanners, smart phones and tablets. Kofax software can initiate and execute downstream business processes to facilitate collaboration with customers and co-workers. Kofax provides business intelligence and analytics software with rapid, no-coding development of near real time reporting and dashboard applications. Kofax provides and agile data integration platform.

production scannersAs the amount of recorded information increases, businesses struggle to manage content. Digitech Systems enables businesses of any size to more effectively and securely manage, retrieve, and store corporate information of any kind, including electronic files, paper documents, images, print streams and email. Through Digitech Systems Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems your better able to reduce document-management costs, enhance information security and compliance with regulations, and improve process efficiency.

production scannersImageSilo is an ultra-secure, on-demand, ECM system. ImageSilo changes the economics of ECM by reducing overall costs and eliminating IT headaches. No capital expenditure for system implementation means a tax-deductible operating expense for your company. Plus, IT departments are spared the burden of maintaining growing data storage. Your stored content remains invisible - even to Digitech System employees. Five layers of security, including transmission security, system security, data security, application security guard your information at every stage.